India is seeing a rise in health-conscious individuals and hence, there is an evident shift from carbonated drinks to Healthier drinking options. Kwality, one of the largest and fastest growing private dairy companies in India has launched Kwality range of Flavored Milk, a healthy alternative and one of the most popular Dairy based beverages in the market today. Leveraging the strategically located Citylights, Kwality Ltd. is promoting the newly launched milk products on JCDecaux Street Furniture, No. 1 in Outdoor Advertising Worldwide.

The super enthusiastic and energetic Bollywood Celebrity Akshay Kumar is Kwality’s brand ambassador. The campaign is doing its rounds on various mediums like Print, Radio etc. and is actively present on JCDecaux Street Furniture, which gives the campaign an amplified impact. Promoting the brand at major locations on JCDecaux Citylights in Delhi caters to massive footfall and aids in a good brand recall. The communication - “Finally, Drinking is Good” promotes Kwality as a healthy habit. The campaign displays an attention capturing cut out of the Brand ambassador and Flavored Milk Bottles on its Trademark color – Red spread all across the city. Kwality has chosen JCDecaux a mass medium in Delhi to target the metropolitan class including the corporates, educational institutions, malls etc.
 “Kwality Ltd. is in a transformation phase from B2B to B2C and with the increasing competition, we need a stronger platform to cut through the clutter in the market. Thus, we chose JCDecaux and we are very happy with the visibility that the brand is currently receiving.” says Nawal Sharma, President and Head Business Transformation, Kwality Ltd. 
“We are glad that Kwality continued to campaign on our media and also launched Kwality Flavored Milk. The strategically located JCDecaux Citylights in Delhi caters to various commuter segments which will definitely help Kwality to communicate to the masses and increase its brand awareness in the city.” says, Olivier Heroguelle, MD, JCDecaux India. 

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