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  • N°1 Worldwide in Street Furniture 543,050 Advertising Panels

  • N°1 Worldwide in Transport Advertising in 218 Airports

  • N°1 Worldwide in Transport Advertising 356,320 panels in 49 countries

  • N°1 in Europe in Billboard Advertising 141,630 Advertising Panels

  • N°1 Worldwide in Self-Service Bike Rental Scheme Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Mobility

JCDecaux India. In Summary.

In India since 2006, The Company has spread its presence in four metropolitan cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai, committed to bringing excellence to the Out-Of-Home medium through product innovation, high-quality design, maintenance and the best locations. we prioritize in benefiting the community by working closely with government and private partners to develop valuable services.
Nurturing our portfolio with advertisement projects that consist of the street furniture, airport, metros, and malls, we have gone a notch ahead in the most diverse forms of Out-of-Home advertising. Our practice of maintaining open communication with our partners has evidently made us the No. 1 company in OOH business. 

JCDECAUX GROUP. How It All Started. 

JCDecaux was founded in 1964 by Mr. Jean-Claude Decaux, the inventor of the Street Furniture concept. The underlying idea: to install and maintain high-quality street furniture in public areas and to operate part of these installations for advertising purposes.

OUR FOUNDER. Jean-Claude Decaux. 


OUR EVOLUTION. Over The Years.


  • More than 80 countries

  • 4 033 cities

  • 1,074,113 advertising panels

  • €3,472m 2017 revenue

  • 13,040 employees


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