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JCDECAUX INDIA. Delivering Excellence

JCDecaux entered India in 2006 with a project for installation, maintenance & marketing of 197 modern stainless steel bus shelters in the prestigious city centre of New Delhi (NDMC). Since the new Avatar of the Bus Shelters has been introduced in 2006, it has grown to be the most practical OOH solution provider which combines services for citizens and effectiveness for the advertisers. Today over 1200 state-of-the-art bus shelters can be seen across the city, spread in Central, North, South, East & West Delhi.
In addition to the Bus Shelters, JCDecaux has also introduced contemporary Street Furniture in Delhi in 2010. The street furniture inventory includes Pole Mounted MUPIs, Information Panels, Police Booths, Public Conveniences, Vending Kiosks & Flag Poles.


Delhi A City Housing Complete Audience

JCDecaux strategically located over 3000 CityLights communicates to more than 23 million residents of Delhi.
  • 90% Delhites are AWARE of Street Furniture

  • 93% Delhites have INTEREST in observing advertisements

  • 33% confirm having taken an ACTION based on Advertisement seen on Street Furniture

  • 80% Delhites DESIRE to know more about the products being advertised


Media Solutions

JCDecaux Street Furniture Networks addressing the desired audience, delivering unique reach and frequency is one the most effective pre-defined media solutions for the agencies and advertisers. With these networks planning for a campaign is hassle-free and also deliver the worldwide accepted Measurement Metrics –Gross Rating Point (GRP)- (In collaboration with Nielsen)


JCDecaux Advertising Networks

Coverage Networks

  • Residential Network

  • Traffic Network

  • Booster Network


Target Networks

  • Employed Network

  • HNI Network

  • Shopaholic Network

  • Youth Network


Zonal Networks

  • Central Network

  • North Zone Network

  • South Zone Network

  • East Zone Network

  • West Zone Network


Rate Card

Network Name
NO. of CityLights / Network (N)
Rate Card*
               COVERAGE NETWORKS
Traffic – 3 Networks
NI-160 / NII-160 / NIII-160
Residential – 2 Networks
NI-160 / NII-160
Booster – 3 Networks
NI-100 / NII-100 / NIII-100
HNI - 3 Networks
NI-50 / NII-50 / NIII-50
Shopaholic - 3 Networks
NI-50 / NII-50 / NIII-50
Employed - 3 Networks
NI-50 / NII-50 / NIII-50
Youth - 3 Networks
NI-50 / NII-50 / NIII-50
South Zone–4 Networks
NI-50 / NII-50 / NIII-50 / NIV-50
Central Zone – 5 Networks 
NI-34 / NII-34 / NIII-34 / NIV-34 / NV-34
West Zone– 2 Networks
NI-35 / NII-35
East Zone – 3 Networks
NI-44 / NII-44
North Zone– 3 Networks
NI-22 / NII-22

* Network Duration 2 weeks

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