The recently launched Honor8Pro powered by Huawei is being promoted at Kempegowga International Airport and The Collection - UB City in Bengaluru. JCDecaux, the no. 1 company worldwide for outdoor advertising, holds the exclusive advertising rights for The Collection - UB City and Kempegowda International Airport, which are key landmarks in the city. While, former being India’s first luxury mall and voted as ‘the most outstanding structure’ in Karnataka, latter serves more than 22 million travellers connecting 62 destinations in 19 countries worldwide.

Using JCDecaux Promotional Space at Bengaluru airport, Huawei has set up an exclusive experience zone for Honor 8 Pro where, the travellers can touch, feel and experience the newly launched marvel. The Kiosk is located on the way to the departure lounge where the travellers wait after the security check and hence, are in a relaxed state of mind to explore new things. The brand enjoys a higher dwell time at this space of the Airport. Honor 8 Pro is also being promoted at The Collection -  UB City Mall on JCDecaux Seniors located at Mall Entry & Exit. The brand leverages the placement and grandness of the media catering to the luxury audience seeks the attention of the on-goers. 
 “We are extremely happy that Huawei selected JCDecaux Media to promote their new launch in Bengaluru. At the Airport, Honor 8 enjoys the experience zone created at JCDecaux promotional space to engage the travellers, whereas at UB city, the grandeur of JCDecaux Senior situated at a prime location in the Mall, attracts a lot of attention. Advertising on a high-end media and an interactive platform, not only amplifies brand messaging but also, leads to an experience that increases the brand value.” Says, Olivier Heroguelle, JCDecaux India, MD. 

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