With unbending lifestyle changes and increase in pollution levels, eye care has become all the more necessary. Center for Sight, a prestigious eye care center has chosen JCDecaux Street Furniture to make people aware of remedying ocular discomfort with their exceptional eye treatment facilities equipped with the latest technology for surgical treatments and consultation.
Center for Sight strategically chose JCDecaux’s Residential network that communicates with all age groups effectively through media formats such as bus queue shelters and free-standing panels. Layering the market areas, arterial roads leading to residential places in Delhi including all the key spots with high footfall in the vicinity, Center for Sight is leveraged with elevated visibility as well as better reach and frequency.
Grabbing people’s attention, the campaign is also a reminder for people to ponder on their eye care routine. Furthermore, the Center for Sight campaign is powered by market domination for a desired period. The uncluttered and organized delivery of the campaign were the added perks of booking a network.
“We are delighted to be associated with Center for Sight with our Residential Network. JCDecaux Street Furniture networks offer widespread coverage that takes the success of the campaign a notch ahead. We have always recommended the advertisers to choose a network as it assures true domination and effective communication, which has indeed been the case for Center for Sight.” Says Olivier Heroguelle, MD, JCDecaux India.

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