Innovative outdoor campaigns from around the world

To promote the launch of the new Absolut World limited edition bottle Pernod Ricard ran a centralised dynamic campaign at Frankfurt and Changi Airports. Travellers were invited to upload a selfie to with their name, age, city and their favourite places to socialise. The Global selfies were linked with a location tag and flight data was used to show the insider tips from the travellers at the relevant gates of the two airports. The photo that appeared on the digital screen then revealed a mosaic made up of other people faces, bringing together a global community of travellers in line with the values of openness and unity displayed on the new design of the Absolut World bottle.

Vöslauer partnered with JCDecaux to promote their sparkling water in Vienna using a stunning replica bottle of water attached to the base of a Metropole. The special build was filled with 600 litres of water and each time the posters scrolled it triggered a carbonated effect within the special.

IGPDecaux customised a tram for Armani Exchangethrough in Milan with a DJ set and a Photo Booth inside. Anyone that took a picture and engaged with the campaign had the chance to meet DJ Martin Garrix.

JCDecaux Hungary partnered with Coca-Cola to create 4 musical bus shelters in Budapest. Commuters could plug their headphones directly in to the shelters to liven up their waiting times.

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