Iconic Media offering comprehensive coverage!


Beautiful furniture on the streets of Delhi & Mumbai offers an unparalleled advantage of interaction with every demographic group, anywhere, anytime. Our Street Furniture formats are strategically located in close proximity to high traffic landmarks to intercept the harder-to-reach out-of-home audiences.

JCDecaux Street Furniture Advantage.

Extend the reach of your ad campaign & build frequency by broadening broadcast, complimenting print, television & radio advertising.

Deliver competitive cost-effective impressions

Communicate effectively by eliminating media wastage through careful demographic targeting

Convey point-of-sale reminders about products or services, moments before a purchase decision is made

Offer directional support by providing proximity messaging to businesses & point-of-sale retailers

Allow for direct response to your ad, with call to action messages by including website addresses, phone numbers/texting options & social networking icons to extend the life of your campaign

Facilitate co-op & merchandising opportunities by building integrated branding programs

Benefit from working with our team of Innovate specialists who will help you generate ideas to make your advertising more interactive & engaging.

Our Solutions

JCDecaux offers a complete & total media solutions that suit your various advertising needs.

Iconic sites are cherry picked to ensure it delivers impact & reach out to a high concentration of preferred target audience.
Networks are also positioned to guarantee maximum coverage & frequency & get close to passenger flows.

JCDecaux products are designed not only to be big, bold & beautiful but also to captivate the eye & inspire the mind.

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