JCDecaux executes innovative 3D installation for BREN Corporation at Kempegowda International Airport

With an international expertise in implementing world class campaigns at global airports, JCDecaux India recently created an iconic outdoor display landmark at Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (KIAB) for BREN Corporation.

One of Bengaluru’s leading infrastructure developers, BREN wanted to craft a presence through outdoor media to promote its brand values of creation and progress. KIAB, being the gateway to Bengaluru, gave BREN the perfect opportunity to welcome travellers to the city of Bengaluru.

Since the message required strong registration and impact, the company decided to innovate at a high visibility site. The premium location of Roundabout Two at KIAB, maintained by JCDecaux, was therefore the obvious choice.

Recently revamped, KIAB is India's only airport with such benchmark outdoor branding infrastructure, in terms of state-of-the-art structures and aesthetic surroundings. Quite notably, Roundabout Two at KIAB is one of the most sought after locations by brands, with its visibility of 100% to airport audience, as well as people passing through the airport vicinity. KIAB handled close to 13 Million passengers in 2013.

Partnering with team JCDecaux, BREN developed an iconic 3D structure at the roundabout, which has been generating excellent recall and recognition for the brand, since installation. Created by OpusCDM, the structure is a sight to behold with tactically positioned soft lights illuminating the structure and the brand on top showcased in a scenic art environment.

The hexahedral structure is supported by ‘Headway Humans,’ made of raw iron. Pulling and holding the main unit on either side, the Headway Humans denote the human spirit of striving for progress and balance. With the block placed on a vertex, the structure forms an unusual shape calling attention to engineering ingenuity.
Mr. Alok Duggal, Business Head-Bengaluru Airport, JCDecaux India, says, “BREN’s requirement was to enhance their Corporate Image and hence we recommended an Iconic installation at the Airport roundabout. We are keen to have a long term relation with BREN and would like to be associated with all the brands which are getting launched under BREN umbrella”.

Mr. Boopesh Reddy, Managing Director, BREN Corporation says, “We are pleased to execute such an attention-getting campaign at Kempegowda International Airport. We have been receiving overwhelming feedback on the BREN iconic structure, which has been executed in association with JCDecaux. We thank the JCDecaux team for helping us implement this iconic campaign”.